Springer of the Week : Zafar Hossain Zafi

“The (Bangladesh) community is growing by the day with new faces that have intense interest. Rather than feeling only proud of my part in this, I am also feeling hopeful. I am hopeful that my community and I will spring forward with a strong and clear view.”


Hi “Zafi!” Tell us a little bit about your background! I was born and raised in Dhaka; the capital city of Bangladesh. I have a very strong background in education, getting honors in my English studies and a Masters degree as well at TESOL in North South University. On top of that, I completed two extra degrees- LLB and now MBA in Apparel Merchandising from BGMEA University of Fashion and technology. I am optimistic that my background and expertise in the apparel industry will be a large asset to my Teespringing.

How did you first find Teespring? What was it like to find your first successful tee campaign? I first heard about Teespring in a course from Brittany Lynch. Unfortunately, I did not find success in this instance, and immediately stopped my efforts. I thought to myself, “my freelancing life is way better than this.” Because I have entrepreneurial blood, I knew that one day I would be successful and self employed. Fortunately for me, I was quickly proven wrong that freelancing would be my definite route to success! The path to my first successful campaign is in fact a bit different from others that I’ve heard.

I used to work for a woman in the USA via oDesk who was the owner of several online businesses. I was her multi-tasking machine. When she asked me for my advice on a new platform to invest her time in, I remembered my failed attempts with Teespring. I still had a pain in my heart from my first experience, and was so excited to have the opportunity to give it another try and make it work. My first time around I had failed because I had little knowledge about how to target my ads. But since then, I had been learning CPA marketing and some Teespring tricks from Yousef Khalidi (his heart is way bigger than his body). I was also lucky enough to learn some really powerful traffic methods from CPA gurus around the world.

Aside from Facebook, I had a lot of space to test tee campaigns. I started rocking on several other social platforms with the help of her credit card 😉. And one day, she stopped giving me tasks and made me her partner 70%-30% on her Teespring business. I can remember my first tipped campaign – it sold 259 shirts! From that point on, I made her thousands of dollars, of course receiving hefty portion of these profits as well!

As Paypal is unfortunately not available in Bangladesh, I’ve continued to work with my USA partner. But now, as Payoneer is a payment option, I am excited to teach my local community all the tips + tricks I’ve learned about Teespring so far and build up my own business. The tutorials out there about Teespring are usually in English, and therefore many of the local guys can’t understand them.

I am now the owner of my own business, and am proud to move forward not alone, but surrounded by many enthusiastic people. I am hopeful that there will be many more bright, successful faces in the near future in Bangladesh. We are networking, meeting up, working, sharing knowledge  and helping each other. I am just about to finish a long Teespring video guideline for them in my native language which will have a huge influence on their progress for sure!

What has been the hardest part about Teespring for you so far? How do you get back the roadblocks?  The hardest part was not having enough money to invest at first. I took a step back, and realized that I had to be smart about investing in very specific niches. I saw people making money with sports niche and so on which were very restricted by the time I got into the game. I missed out on a lot of money back then because I just didn’t have anything to invest. I could have gone with free traffic, but I had very little time to spend on it as I was a academic study freak. But, somehow I managed to find my “angel investor” and gained access to some of her resources. Trust is not given, it’s earned! Because she trusted me, I was able to manage that investment. Every new springer has their own story of how they hurdled over the things that were stopping them, and that is mine!

What has sparked your passion for teaching others? What is the best part about growing your community?

These reasons will clear up everything:

  • Spammy market gurus are spoiling innocent jobless guys with spam product marketing mentorship.
  • The large majority of degree holders in Bangladesh are jobless.
  • My community is hard working and honest, and will thrive when they find this legitimate opportunity to build their own businesses.
  • My recent program is “Million Colors Rainbow” in which people will send all their course fees ($12) to a cancer patient account, with the receipt proof they will get access to my exclusive Video+CPA marketing course. This program focuses a lot on selling with Teespring.
  • It is free to start marketing via youtube. I used to be a regular video marketer (freelancer and partially cpa marketer). However, now I share all the tips and tricks for free. Back then, I made a complete course to start making money.
  • If everything goes well, I will teach 1,000 thousand teespring sellers in my country. The local community is very eager, and we will find success through our own WILL. No one can be successful if he/she isn’t willing to be.

How did you decide to start growing a Teespring community? What hopes do you have for the future of your group?

It is easier marketing via Teespring than it is in affiliate marketing in clicksure/clickbank etc. marketplaces. In Teespring they don’t need the following things, unlike you’d need in affiliate marketing:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Website
  • Perfect English
  • Extra expensive tracking system
  • Multiple Paid traffic methods to master
  • Landing Page Optimization and so on

This has been the game changing message I’ve used to inspire most of my community. This is how I presented Teespring first in my country, and how I created tutorials in my own language to make things clear to them. The (Bangladesh) community is growing by the day with new faces that have intense interest. Rather than feeling only proud of my part in this, I am also feeling hopeful. I am hopeful that my community and I will spring forward with a strong and clear view. I will not leave the Teespring business at any cost, and I will never stop helping those around me to find success selling tees. Because of this dedication, as I mentioned before, I have earned the trust of many.

I dream that this community will be able to sell shirts in the countries other than the competitive US. I hope, every single marketer will teach at least 10 other marketers. 1 is to 10 and 10 is to 100 then on and on and on. I hope you enjoyed my words, and happy Tee Springing to all 🙂



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